Hello Guys! Happy New Year! Hope you’re all are doing great. I’m back after a really long time. This blog will be about how I found an IDOR and exploited it to get your PII.

Leaking your PII

I found this in one of the biggest companies in India. Although they did not…

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great, this a small writeup of one of my findings, hope this can help you. Let's start!

Popped an alert box through the email field.

In December, REDACTED decided to go public with their Bug Bounty program,so I thought why not hunt their as they had a huge scope.

Here’s some…

Hello guys! As soon as I posted this tweet, I got loads of DMs asking questions about it, so I decided to do a small writeup. Even though it is a P5 in bug crowd, it was triaged in this program. So, Let’s begin!

P5 → P4 →P?

It was my mom’s and sister’s…

Silent Bronco

cat bio →Ethical hacker|Bug Bounty Hunter

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